Royals Troll Longhaired Noah Syndergaard by Blaring ‘American Woman’

The Associated Press

The Kansas City Royals trolled New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard by blasting the Guess Who’s “American Woman” during warmups. The long-haired righty got the last laugh.

Syndergaard struck out nine and allowed just three hits over six innings in the 2-0 shutout of the World Champions at Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday.

Like the reaction to Blue Jays manager John Gibbons’ remark that maybe his team should don “dresses” to please baseball legislators after the new Chase Utley rule cost them a win in St. Pete, the song hit the wrong note with the thought police. Arielle Aronson wrote at, “Kansas City’s gesture is not a good look if a league wants to appeal to female fans, and the timing couldn’t be worse. The ‘American Woman’ incident happened on the same day that Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons separately went on an ill-worded rant and ended up mocking women’s clothing.”

Some fans did a better job than others at feigning outrage:

Fox Sports called the sonic quip “tasteless.” But the punchline didn’t seem to mind.

“I thought it was pretty funny how they were playing it when I was warming up for the first inning,” the pitcher told reporters. “They got me on that one, it’s fine. Normally I don’t hear that kind of thing but I took notice to that.”