WATCH: Woke Warrior Steph Curry Dodges China Controversy

Steph Curry
AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

NBA star Steph Curry is up to his neck in China deals and has visited the communist nation at least five times, yet this week he is professing ignorance of “Chinese history.”

Among many others in the NBA, Curry has no compunctions about criticizing America when he thinks the country is not progressive enough, yet,  Curry is now joining the growing list of league members who suddenly claim they are not “informed” enough to speak about China’s massive human rights abuses.

In comments to the press on Wednesday, Curry acted as if he didn’t know anything about China’s record on mistreating minorities, according to Yahoo Sports.

“I think this one, it’s a league-wide situation and our presence in China is just a different conversation than coach (Kerr) talking about gun violence or gender equality — things that for us as being spokespeople for people who can’t speak for themselves within our communities, that that makes a huge impact,” the Warriors star said.

“This situation — is a huge weight and gravity to it — and there remain some things that need to be sorted out, he added. “I just don’t know enough about Chinese history and how that’s influenced modern society today in that interaction to speak on it. So that’s just where we’re at. It’s not going away. So we’ll come back to it.”

It might be hard to believe that Curry is wholly ignorant about China’s dismal human rights record or otherwise knows nothing about the communist nation. The star point guard has been to China at least five times. Curry toured China multiple times as part of a big-dollar promotional tour with sportswear giant Under Armour.

But Curry also considers himself a woke progressive and is a constant commentator against the imagined ills of human rights abuses right here in the U.S., so it is a bit precious of him to claim he has no idea of the far worse and real human rights abuses in China.

Curry is not the only NBA personality to suddenly feign ignorance of China’s oppression. Warriors coach Steve Kerr also feigned ignorance of China’s human rights abuses.

On Monday, Kerr claimed that he could not speak cogently about China because he just doesn’t know enough about this “really bizarre international story.”

A day later, outspoken leftist NBA coach Gregg Popovich joined Kerr in avoiding any woke proclamations against China’s horrendous abuse record by praising NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for his response to the controversy.

Still, despite his feigning of ignorance about China’s voluminous record of human rights abuses, Steph Curry is quite outspoken against the real or imagined abuses of human rights in the U.S.A.

Among his many progressive public proclamations, Curry spoke out against North Carolina’s bathroom bill in 2017 saying that he was against the state’s “discrimination” against transgenderism.

In 2016, Curry was heard speaking out in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement and urging America to stop the “discrimination” against blacks as well as speaking against “gun violence.”

Curry has also been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump. The player even considered making a show of visiting with Barack Obama instead of President Trump after the team’s winning season in 2018.

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