Afghan National Defense and Security Forces

Report: Taliban Captures 150 Afghan Troops During Peace Talks

The Afghanistan government on Monday contested reports claiming that the Taliban captured a record 150 American-trained and supplied Afghan border police officers and confiscated their U.S.-supplied weapons and military equipment after they surrendered over the weekend when the narco-jihadis chased them into neighboring Turkmenistan following ongoing battles in Badghis province.

Talks last month saw the US and the Taliban walk away with a 'draft framework' focused on a potential US troop withdrawal

Afghanistan Loses Control of Nearly Half the Country Under Obama

Afghanistan, under the presidency of Barack Obama, lost control and influence of nearly half of its war-ravaged territory as armed clashes between the nation’s security forces and the Taliban reached unprecedented levels, reports a congressionally appointed watchdog agency.

FILE -- In this March 9, 2016 file photo, smoke rises from a building, where Taliban insurgents hide during a fire fight with Afghan security forces, in Helmand province, south west Afghanistan. Kareem Atal, head of the provincial council, said Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016, that troops are being deployed to …