Reddit Moderators Censor Story of Female Refugee Centre Worker Killed by Migrant

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Reddit moderators are deleting links to a story about a 22-year old female refugee worker in Sweden who was stabbed to death by a teenage migrant.

Yesterday, news emerged that Alexandra Mezher, an employee of an asylum accomodation centre in Gothenburg, Sweden had been killed. The 22-year old was taken to a nearby hospital after being stabbed by a resident of the asylum centre, but died of her wounds.

Police refused to confirm the nationality of the attacker, although an officer at the scene told AFP, “These kinds of calls are becoming more and more common. We’re dealing with more incidents like these since the arrival of so many more refugees from abroad.”

Despite the story’s relevance to the migrant crime wave sweeping Europe, a story that has attracted widespread interest on social media, users on Reddit encountered difficulties trying to share the link on the site. The latest censorship controversy took place on /r/worldnews, a subreddit that ostensibly encourages links to news stories from non-English speaking countries like Sweden.

The moderators of /r/worldnews are becoming notorious for their attempts to suppress links to stories about migrant crime on the subreddit. Earlier this month, when news of the suspected migrant sexual assault epidemic in Germany began to spread, /r/worldnews moderators went on a censorship spree, culling threads and deleting hundreds of comments about the attacks.

Only after considerable user outrage did /r/worldnews moderators back down and allow discussion of the topic, arguably the most-watched story coming out of Europe at the moment.

In the case of Alexandra Mezher’s murder, moderators tagged a link to the story as “not appropriate” for the subreddit before deleting it. This occurred despite considerable engagement from ordinary Reddit users, who had been showering the post with votes and comments. I contacted the moderators of /r/worldnews to give them an opportunity to clarify their reasons for deleting the post, but they have yet to respond.

Reddit is not the only social media platform whose elites are at odds with the interests of ordinary users with regards to the European migrant crisis. Breitbart Tech recently reported on Germany’s plans to work with Facebook to censor “hate speech” on the platform. No doubt the moderators of /r/worldnews are concerned about hate speech too — it’s explicitly banned on the subreddit. But as always, the line between “hate” and justified anger at the policies of European elites is is a fuzzy one.

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