Twitter Suspends Account of Free-Speech Competitor Gab *UPDATE*

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Twitter has suspended the account of their free speech-based competitor Gab, despite the fact that the account had deleted all of its tweets following President Trump’s inauguration.

Attempting to visit @GetOnGab, which had over 22,000 followers before the suspension, now returns users with a message stating that the account has been suspended.

“In total, there are no more than a handful of companies in one of the most progressively biased cities in America owning, controlling, and influencing what billions of people see, talk about, and communicate with,” Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba told Breitbart Tech. “Their monopoly and sheer power over communication, information, news, and personal data is unlike anything in history; and their bias and agenda could not be more unified or clear.”

Gab was founded by Torba following Twitter’s suspensions of conservative and libertarian accounts and has attracted nearly 150,000 disenfranchised users, including Breitbart Senior Editor MILO.

Since the platform’s conception, Torba has been banned from a Silicon Valley startup group, suspended from Facebook, and had his Gab features copied by Twitter. Apple’s App Store have also banned the app twice, citing offensive content uploaded by users, despite the fact that the content flagged could also be found on other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

“The response to Gab from around the world has been nothing short of incredible,” said Torba to Breitbart Tech last year. “This is a movement, and something that the community is driving forward,” he explained.

“Folks are deleting their Twitter and Facebook accounts… They are waking up to the lies and censorship of Big Social,” he continued. “We will continue to build a product built by the people, for the people. We will continue to put people first and promote free speech for all.”

Twitter’s stock value crashed on Thursday after they released their 4th quarter earnings report revealing drastically lower than expected revenue and adjusted their guidance for next quarter to much lower than anticipated.

Breitbart News have reached out to Twitter for comment.


The Gab account has been restored on Twitter:

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