YouTube Star Tyrone Fleming Stabbed to Death in New York City

YouTube Star Tyrone Fleming who was murdered in his home.
Instagram/Tyrone Fleming

YouTube Star Tyrone Fleming, known as Tye Banga, was stabbed to death in New York City this week.

Fleming, a real-life Con Edison employee who starred in a YouTube crime drama called “848,” was stabbed to death this week in his Bronx apartment. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday, involved an unknown assailant. Fleming was found around 5:30 p.m. by his girlfriend after he failed to show up to work that day.
Surveillance tapes from the day of the incident show a man entering and leaving the apartment. Law enforcement officials have not confirmed that the man shown in the surveillance tape was connected to Fleming’s death.

Fleming’s sister told a local news channel that she was shocked when she learned that he brother had been killed. “He didn’t have problems with nobody, he was the only brother I had,” Tiffany Tucker said. “I would never in a million years think this would happen to my family.”

“It must be someone he knew for him to open a door because he won’t even open the door if I come up, I have to call him first,” Tucker added.
Fleming’s neighbors and friends told reporters that he was a hard-working man who was dedicated to his family. “He was a hard worker, a family man, two kids, my heart goes out to his family, goes out to his children, his mother, everyone who loved him, everyone who touched him,” Fleming’s co-worker Kenny Thomas said.