Military Raids Shake Up Gulf Cartel in Mexican Border State

A series of raids in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas shook up one of the leading factions of the Gulf Cartel and led to several high-profile arrests. For more than a year, one particular faction of the Gulf Cartel had been untouched by Mexican federal and state authorities due to the country’s widespread corruption. However, in recent weeks, both sides appear to have had a breakdown in their relationship, leading to a series of raids by authorities and targeted attacks by cartel gunmen.

Gulf Cartel Arrest (1)

Trump Jr. on Shooter Flying Drone at Rally: Secret Service Stopped Me from ‘Flying My Own Drone’ near Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump Jr. reacted to news that shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks “was able to fly a drone and get aerial footage” of the fairgrounds ahead of former President Donald Trump’s July 13 rally, noting that the U.S. Secret Service once stopped him from “flying MY OWN drone off of the beach at Mar-a-Lago” because his father was in the house.

President Donald J. Trump walks with Presidential Advisor Ivanka Trump and his son Donald