Ursinus College Professor: Students Want to Be Treated as Children

Barney the Purple Dinosaur and children
Vince Bucci

Ursinus College Professor Jonathan Marks argued in a recent column that college students want to be treated like children. He snidely suggests Fresno State University, which has adopted a new policy about being kind of fellow students, should adopt Barney the Purple Dinosaur as a mascot.

The column, which is entitled “First Grade University,” goes after a new policy at Fresno State University that Marks says are similar to what one might see in an elementary school classroom.

The policy, which was proposed by staff and faculty at Fresno State, encourages students to be “kind” and use words “thoughtfully.” Marks, of course, is not against these universal principles. Instead, he is concerned that the staff at Fresno State think that college students need to be reminded about these simple principles.


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