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Politico: Our 'Exhausted Chief Executive' Is Too Busy Being Awesome to Vacation


You have to figure that after they turned that nothingburger of a story about age-old sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain into a firestorm of a narrative, Politico has pretty much decided that it’s just too much work to keep up the false pretense that they’re not in the tank for the left, most especially Obama.

This sappy love letter written yesterday to Their Precious One probably taught the DNC a thing or two about how to create propaganda:

Every vacation Barack Obama has taken since becoming president seems to coincide with some kind of national crisis – and every trip he’s taken to his home state of Hawaii prompts an attack by Republicans who says he’s a private beach bum with a taste for elitist destinations.

This year’s Hawaiian punch was delivered even before the impasse with House Republicans over the expiring payroll tax cut when Mitt Romney mocked the idea that Obama would be in Hawaii for “17 days for golf and the sun.”

But this Christmas is much different. Obama, riding a crest of public approval of his payroll-tax stance, is voluntarily opting for an abbreviated vacation, eager to capitalize on the most advantageous political environment he’s seen since the earliest days of his administration.

The challenge now is balancing the personal needs of an exhausted chief executive against the political imperative of saving his presidency. It simply makes no sense to squander the most critical period of his term – the time between now and Jan. 1 which Democrats say could redefine the 2012 race.

The rest of the article quotes Democrats who go on to explain just how awesome Obama is and how stupid and evil Republicans are. Then Politico takes over again to explain in great detail just how gosh-darned hard the President has worked during previous vacations.

Politico and Obama really need to get a room.

But this is what Politico was created for — why they jumped onto the Internet in 2007.

Their job is to pose as objective journalists in order to shoot down any brewing narrative that might damage Obama’s re-election chances (like his excessive vacations). And if, in-between all that Palace Guarding, they’re able to smear a GOP candidate like Herman Cain with poorly sourced allegations, all the better.

Because of their bias, Politico’s traffic has collapsed. But just like the rest of the MSM, they’re politically driven, not financially — and certainly not ethically.


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