Here Come The Ryan Attacks: Old Media

Here Come The Ryan Attacks: Old Media

It was a safe prediction that I made earlier this week that the Activist Old Media would work to destroy Mitt Romney’s choice for vice president. The attacks began even before the early morning announcement of Paul Ryan. 

Witness CNN late Friday night. John King calls Ryan a “risky pick,” then adds, “the Ryan Budget that Romney has now embraced has some very controversial choices, some tough choices.” Controversial? It’s the only budget that has actually passed. It’s been more than three years since Harry Reid has even brought a budget to the Senate to vote on, because he knows America would vote against any Senator foolish enough to vote for a Reid budget. Then there’s Barack Obama’s budget plan. It didn’t get a single vote. Not a single vote. 414-0  were the results against the Obama budget (hey, at least he united Congress on that issue.) King calls the Ryan Budget “controversial,” when Democrat efforts have been totally futile, or no effort at all. 

Wolf Blitzer joined the fray and said that the Ryan Budget will be the major attack zone for Barack Obama. Like King, he failed to mention that Reid doesn’t have the guts to present a budget, and Obama got shutout. 

Brilliant media people, when you mention the Ryan Budget, give us some context and tell us what the Democrats have done. Tell your viewers who the Party of “NO” is. If you have forgotten, read the previous two paragraphs again. 

Oh, there have been positive things said about Ryan as well. It’s still early. He’s a nice guy who has working class roots and he is absolutely brilliant. Witness the way he takes apart ObamaCare in front of President Obama, and you will see fearlessness at it’s finest. 

But make no mistake, the attacks have started, and they will get more intense as the Activist Old Media sees Ryan will be a major threat to protecting the power of their beloved Democrats. Then when they fail, they will say, “oh well, the VP pick is not all that important anyway.” 

Oh ya, Ryan hunts elk with a bow and arrow and loves rock music. I will proudly make the Ted Nugent comparison before my friends in the media create the graphic. 

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