Brian Stelter, a left-wing conspiracy theorist and a proven liar at far-left CNN, has lost nearly three-quarters of his audience since January.

“The latest episode of Stelter’s show failed to attract 1 million viewers for the 11th week in a row,” reports the Daily Wire. “A mere 752,000 total viewers tuned in … on Sunday. That’s down from a peak of 2.7 million viewers following the January 6 Capitol riot.”

And that’s a 72 percent collapse.


Fox News adds that Stelter’s weekly CNNLOL program, an hour-long slog pedantically devoted to tearing down Fox News, “has now finished with less than 800,000 viewers on three different occasions in 2021.”


In worse news for CNNLOL and Brian “Tater” Stelter, ” Fox News’ MediaBuzz, which is Stelter’s direct timeslot competition, averaged 1.1 million viewers to beat the struggling CNN show by a whopping 41 percent.”


Fox adds that 12 of its Sunday programs beat Stelter’s basement-rated Reliable Sources — a hilarious name for a program hosted by a serial liar who regularly features Dan Rather.


Even in the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age group, a metric CNNLOL is frequently forced to grab onto for some form of desperate bragging rights, Stelter is finding only humiliation. His most recent show attracted just 129,000 demo viewers, whereas MediaBuzz attracted 185,000, beating Stelter by an embarrassing 43 percent.


Like the rest of his flailing network, the credibility chickens have come home to roost for Tater. After five years of the anti-Trump outlet deliberately lying to the public about…

Even leftists are tired of being lied to by CNNLOL’s line-up of smug liars who meddle in elections and conspire in secret to undermine the credibility of a Democrat governor’s female accusers.

And whatever residual credibility Stelter might have had left was washed away the moment he was caught, live on the air, fawning all over White House press secretary Lyin’ Ginger. Even if you’re a fan of Lyin’ Ginger and men ashamed of their penis, it was a cringefest, brownnosing spectacle of fawning and groveling unseen since whatever the disgraced Jeffrey Toobin performed in CNNLOL chief Jeff Zucker’s office to get his job back.

CNNLOL has not broken a consequential story in years. Instead of newsgathering, it’s become a lazy, dishonest, and reactionary propaganda outlet devoted to trolling its critics.

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