Nolte: The Coronavirus Made Brian Stelter Cry

brian stelter

CNNLOL staffer Brian Stelter wants everyone to know the coronavirus pandemic made him break down and cry.

Using prose so purple it turned black, Stelter tweeted Saturday, “I crawled in bed and cried for our pre-pandemic lives. Tears that had been waiting a month to escape.”

Tears that have been waiting a month to escape…

That’s quite the turn of a phrase … I mean, if you’re an 11-year-old girl who’s just discovering journaling.

“I wanted to share because it feels freeing to do so. Now is not a time for faux-invincibility. Journos are living this, hating this, like everyone else,” he added.

What a relief to know he “feels freeing.” And I’m sure the last notch on his belt will soon say the same.

“Last night, I hit a wall. Gutted by the death toll. Disturbed by the govt’s shortcomings. Dismayed by political rhetoric that bears no resemblance to reality,” read another Tater tweet. “Worried about friends who are losing jobs; kids who are missing school; and senior citizens who are living in fear.”

So there it is, y’all… The millionaire who’s still employed has a case of the existential sadz, and he would like everyone to know about it.

Sounds to me like someone needs to turn off CNNLOL, stop all the stress-eating, and get acquainted with this thing we call exercise. But I’m no doctor. I do, though, know a pathetic baby girl when I see one, and…

Man alive, what a pathetic baby girl.

So I have a few thoughts on this, my own opinions; I am still allowed to hold opinions, right? I mean, if Stelter and CNNLOL are allowed to constantly read President Trump’s mind and question his intentions, I can do that to Tater, right?

My first thought is this…

Fuck Brian Stelter. Fuck him. Fuck his crybaby little girl tears. Fuck CNN.

Stelter and CNN are pure poison, toxic, pure evil… How else to describe sociopaths who insist on “owning” Trump by encouraging people not to at least ask their doctor about these anti-malaria drugs. Stelter is a villain and CNNLOL is his lair, and from that lair he seeks only to toxify our culture with lies and division, with misleading medical advice and shilling for China’s slaveholders.

Secondly, Stelter’s not crying over anything other than the fact his lies and CNNLOL’s lies and the rest of the media’s lies are failing to turn the coronavirus pandemic into Trump’s Katrina. The president’s approval rating is holding firm. His policies are working. No one in this country — thank God —  has died to a lack of adequate medical care, and that is the only metric of government success that matters.

What’s more, the death toll — again, thank God — is going to be well below the best case estimates, which ranged from 100,000 to 240,000 fatalities.

That’s what precious Tater has the sadz over, his frustration and failure over five years to destroy Trump with his and his evil employer’s relentless lies: the Russia Hoax Lie, the Impeachment Hoax lie, the Charlottesville hoax, Michael Avenatti’s lies, and now the lie that Trump has blood on his hands over this pandemic, when the exact opposite is true.

Tater isn’t crybabying for you or me or anything other than his ratings failure, the fact that he and CNNLOL are a national joke, and especially over the fact that all his hopes and dreams, his exhausting 24/7 crusade to exploit this pandemic to annihilate Trump, is failing.

Stelter looks at the future and sees an economy opening up, sees optimism returning, sees the market bouncing back, sees fewer deaths than anyone dreamed possible, and this is what makes him cry, this is what’s “gutted” and “disturbed” his delicate and rotted psyche.

Brian Stelter is a villain,  which means his crybaby tears of rage and frustration can only mean good things for the rest of us.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion…

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