Nolte: Jake Tapper Meddled In an Election and Lied About It

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Fox News has obtained proof CNNLOL’s Jake Tapper tried to talk House GOP candidate Sean Parnell from running against Rep. Conor Lamb (D) in Pennsylvania, which proves Jake Tapper is a liar.

Jake Tapper not only secretly attempted to meddle in an election to protect a Democrat incumbent, he then blatantly lied about what he did.

Bet CNNLOL gives him a big, fat raise for that.

Big, fat raise.

With a corner office.

Three days ago, Breitbart News broke this bombshell.

“CNN anchor Jake Tapper tried to convince Republican Sean Parnell to run in a different congressional district than in Pennsylvania’s 17th, where he is currently challenging Democrat Rep. Conor Lamb, sources familiar with Tapper’s actions told Breitbart News,” Matt Boyle reported Sunday.

Tapper denied the report. Who me? Nope, nope. I’m a newsman. I’m a news anchor. I don’t make news. I don’t shape news. I report news. I have a reputation to uphold. My integrity means something to me. My veins run black with printer’s ink. I am the Mighty Jake Tapper! I am the Thunder God of Truth!

Okay, all he said was “Nope,” but anyone at all familiar with this pompous clown knows my internal monologue can’t be too far from the truth.

He told former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell the “Nope.”

“I just asked Jake Tapper ‘Is it true you asked Sean Parnell to not run against Conor Lamb?’ He told me ‘nope’. So there is his answer.”

“Nope,” the Thunder God of Truth said.

Well, that was a lie.

Because Tapper did ask Parnell not to run against Lamb. Here’s the proof, courtesy of Fox News:

So Jake Tapper meddles in elections and lies.

But you already knew that.

Jake Tapper lies, like a lot.

Jake Tapper allows Democrats to lie.

Jake Tapper is a liar.

And there will be no consequences, because meddling in elections and lying is a big part of the job description at CNNLOL.

They say no one can take away your integrity. You can only give it away.

That may be true, but no one ever mentions the corner office.

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