Journalist: Uber Tried To Go After My Family

Journalist: Uber Tried To Go After My Family

Wednesday on Bloomberg TV’ “Bloomberg West,” PandoDaily Founder and Editor-In-Chief Sarah Lacy detailed recent stories about Uber executive Emil Michael’s commnets at a dinner with prominent journalists that Uber had plan to hire top opposition researchers and go after journalists families who criticized his company. 

Lacy pointed out one of the scariest aspects of the story was that only Buzzfeed reported on it saying, “Lets not forget this was said at a table full of journalists Arianna Huffington,  Michael Wolf, people from Business Insider. One thought this was wrong. One thought this was wrong.” 

“I was terrified, and I you know the plan as it was described was not just to dig up dirt. We are not talking about doing a google search. We’re talking about in million dollar budget, a four to six 6 staff team to do opposition research on me. That’s going to trash. That’s following my kids. Thats vans parked outside my house. And the idea was, ‘we’re go at her though her family and we are going to destroy her through her family and we are going to do it until she backs down and none will know Uber was behind this.” she added. 

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