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Sarah Silverman: Fox News Is a Secret Racist Machine!


Don’t you read books? It’s a scientific fact; The entire Fox News Channel is a twenty-four-hour-a-day racism engine.” Thank God for Sarah Silverman because before her (and as a long-time Fox News contributor), I was completely unaware of their covert, racist agenda. We need more truth warriors out there, and I am forever grateful to Miss Silverman for spearheading the movement.


In a recent interview, the author of “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee,” openly accused Tea Partiers of spewing veiled racism. See, the key word here is “veiled.” You rarely see leftists accusing conservatives of blatantly shouting racial epithets anymore. Sure, they’ve tried it a few times. However, realizing that the burden of proof rests squarely on the shoulders of the accuser (i.e. them), they’ve opted to take a different direction. They’ve instead decided to accuse conservatives of speaking in “coded” language.

Side note to Conservatives: Put your secret, racist lexicons and decoder rings away and lay low for a while. They’re on to us.

No, I’m not making this up. In the interview, Silverman went on to say, “… but it’s all coded, all implied.”

How convenient for a lady like Sarah who regularly uses words such as “chink,” “nigger” and “spic” as staples in her act. Don’t worry, though, the only reason Sarah uses such incendiary language is because, “the progressive messages out there today are more refined and sense-of-irony dependent.” Yes, really.

Listen, I don’t think that anybody has the right to prohibit Sarah from using those words and I don’t think that she’s a racist. I think she’s distasteful, unfunny and terribly ugly (both inside and out) with no redeeming qualities whatsoever… But not a racist. However, I do have a problem with her logic. Let’s break it down for a second.

1. Shamelessly using blatant racial slurs = funny, ironic and progressive.

2. Criticizing the current administration for unprecedented spending, debt and government power-grabs = secretly super, duper racist!

When you think about it, it’s genius, really. The disgusting Silverman and her Hollywood brethren have — in their minds — framed the argument so that nothing matters outside of their own word/opinion. Facts, statistics, testimonies, all of those things must be thrown out because conservatives are actually speaking in “secret code.”

Down is up and up is down! There’s no knowing where we’re going!

Maybe Sarah Silverman’s right. Maybe all conservatives are racist. Or maybe, just maybe, this glorified court-jester has created a personal fantasy-world in order to pat herself on the back for being right all the time.

After all, that’s the Hollywood way.

Just ask Sean Penn.

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