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Chris Matthews Thinks Obama Is a Victim


When can you call the most powerful person in the world a victim of those conniving right-wing radicals in the US Senate? When you’re Chris Matthews and you have your own little silly Sunday show, you can.

Watch the video, it’s at the end and it’s almost lost in the debate over who should be Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” Matthews goes with Mitch McConnell. Why? Because he is the person who made Barack Obama become the Cold Hearted Social Engineer that he is and thus helped the Republican sweep the November mid-terms.

[youtube QLWds-ZEiRE nolink]

“It’s Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader who forced the president to the left on every issue from health care to the stimulus. He made him into a left wing president because of Republican policy. It was brilliant. It allowed the Republicans to have a brilliant political year, I’m not sure it’s was in the country’s interest, but he made the big difference this year.”

Where to go on this one here? There are loads of fascinating peeks into the mind of Matthews in this one paragraph.

First, Matthews thinks it’s McConnell who “forced” Obama to the left. He must have never really been there to begin with, like an innocent child who is made to eat his broccoli; Obama was forced to take that radical leftist medicine that he never really wanted in the first place.

Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, and Saul Alinskiy had nothing to do with who Obama is today, he never heard any of their speeches, read any of their books, nor believed any of their radical leftist ideals. Obama made more left turns than a NASCAR weekend at Bristol only after McConnell forced him there a few short months ago.

Who is this little weakling in the White House? What does it say about Dear Leader that he is being pushed around so easily by the guy whose claim to fame is that he runs the minority?

Matthews is also saying here that McConnell doesn’t really believe in the ideals that he is proposing, he is just doing them so that he can push The Greatest President in United States History to the left. It was brilliant political strategy. Matthews mentions health care and the stimulus specifically. Did he think that Obama never really believed in those ideals previously? The tingle up his leg has gone straight to his head and it aint a pretty sight.

Matthews also discounts the Republican Wave of 2010. The Republicans only had a brilliant political year because McConnell manipulated Obama. It had nothing to do with the rise of the Tea Party movement and the desire of Americans to return both parties to Constitutional values. Matthews and the activist old media see only the chess game politics, not the beauty of the rules and the participants in the game. But, I will give Matthews this, it’s clear McConnell is in Obama’s head. He called him “Mike” the other day. Gotta get that teleprompter fixed.

As for Matthews saying he didn’t believe the November Massacre of Liberals in 2010 was in the country’s best interest, well, that speaks for itself. I fully expect Chris Matthews to not understand that people fighting for Liberty would not be in the best interest of the ruling elite, thus, not in the interest of his country.

In the world of lefties where a new victim is created every minute (maybe every second) we have a new one and he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Poor Barry, Big Bad Mitch probably upped his nicotine intake to another pack a day that Robert Gibbs never saw.

Who will manipulate Superman tomorrow? I hope it’s not the Chi-Coms. If it is, I guarantee you, Matthews will be the last one to see it.

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