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Ingraham, Mulvaney Duel on Immigration

Ingraham, Mulvaney Duel on Immigration


Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) and talk show host Laura Ingraham battled over immigration reform on Ingraham’s Thursday’s broadcast. Mulvaney responded to Ingraham’s argument that allowing more immigrants to enter the United States would increase the unemployment rate by claiming there were “jobs Americans won’t do.” That point did not sit well with Ingraham, who claimed that Mulvaney was claiming Americans were lazy.

Later, Mulvaney argued that immigration enforcement should not be dependent on the president, like the IRS. Ingraham responded “Oh, really [the IRS] is working well?” and added “You guys spend your time complaining about Barack Obama…when the whole time you’re undercutting your argument because it’s never been done, the enforcement has never been done as long as you link amnesty to enforcement.”

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