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Coulter to Rand Paul: Pick a Position and Defend It

Coulter to Rand Paul: Pick a Position and Defend It


Tuesday on CNN, conservative commentator Ann Coulter weighed in on  Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) latest media controversy over whether or not he supports aid to Israel.

Coulter said, “I think it’s a little like a compass. It used to be whatever would please 15-year-old Ayn Rand readers was his position. Now it is whatever will please basically the mainstream media as his new position. But I wish we would pick a position and go with it. Even if it’s — especially if the media hates it, if it’s against what most people think.”

“I would have a lot more respect for someone who takes an unpopular position, defends it and sticks to it, and I might add, that’s what his father used to do,” she added, referring to his controversial, libertarian father former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

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