‘Not for This Channel’: John Podesta Reminds Hillary Not to Discuss Foreign Policy Intel over Email

Clinton advisors Jake Sullivan (L), Nick Burns (2L) and John Podesta (2R) wait with Clinton Campaign Chairman, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for a meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on September 19, 2016 in New York. / AFP / Brendan Smialowski (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

John Podesta, now chairman to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, told Clinton in 2014 not to discuss intelligence on Middle Eastern conflicts over her private email, according to the latest Wikileaks release of his purported emails accounts.

In August 2014, Clinton emailed Podesta about developments in the Middle East — chiefly concerning Iraq, Syria, and the Islamic State, citing “Western intelligence, US intelligence and sources in the region.” Podesta ultimately instructed her to take the discussion to a different “channel.”

Wikileaks first unveiled this email thread in the earliest days of its “Podesta Emails,” but Podesta’s warning was not released until Thursday morning. Previous releases show Clinton asking at the top of the thread, “any idea whose fighters attacked Islamist positions in Tripoli, Libya? Worth analyzing for future purposes.”

Instead of answering the question, Podesta responded: “Yes and interesting but not for this channel.”

Clinton’s critics quickly pointed to this email thread to allege that even a year after leaving the State Department, she was still discussing sensitive international conflicts from her unsecured homebrew server’s “hrod17@clintonemail.com” account.

This discussion also showed that Clinton was aware of Qatar and Saudi Arabia supporting the Islamic State “and other radical Sunni groups.” Wikileaks made sure to point out that Qatar was also a major donor to the Clinton Foundation.

Podesta, at the time, worked as a “Counselor to the President” in Barack Obama’s White House — and simultaneously had a hand in managing the preparations for Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

A month later, Podesta replied to this thread to congratulate Clinton on the birth of her granddaughter Charlotte. “Send our love to Chelsea, Marc and Grandpa,” he wrote.