Ivanka Trump: ‘It’s the People’ Fueling Her Father’s Push

Ivanka Trump signs a hat during a campaign stop for her father, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016, at the Founders Academy, a public chartered school in Manchester, N.H.
AP Photo/Jim Cole
Hollis, NH

HOLLIS, New Hampshire — Ivanka Trump told a room full of supporters in New Hampshire that the most positive and encouraging experience she has had while campaigning for her father is learning how many people across the country love America despite all the negativity involved in politics, adding that it’s the people that motivate her father.

“I won’t say it’s a surprise, but I think it’s a validation of something that I’ve known, but I really feel so much now as I’ve traveled across this country… the American people love this country so much and they know what it can be,” Trump responded when asked about the most positive experience she has had during the campaign.

Everyone is so busy being pulled in 1,000 directions, but first and foremost, you care about this country and each other and we want what’s right and what’s best. So, for all of the negatively that exist — and there’s a lot — politics is a rough business, real estate on a relative basis…real estate people are not babies — but this is tough relative to that.

“But in spite of all of that, I think the passion, the hope, the optimism, the excitement that I hear from so many people that I hear in the potential of a Trump presidency is deeply inspiring and it’s very exciting and I know for my father, that’s the fuel for him that keeps him going. It’s the people,” she added.

The Republican nominee took the lead over Hillary Clinton recently in the Real Clear Politics average of polls for New Hampshire. He’s currently up by an average of 1.5 points in the Granite State.

The Trump campaign is holding several events in New Hampshire, where Trump won his first primary, leading up to election day.