The Taco Bell Economy


The big day is almost here. You need a closing argument to choose Trump. It’s so simple. Here it is:

Do you want to work at Taco Bell? If so, vote for Hillary Clinton. She’s your woman!

The new jobs report is out and it’s another clunker. We added another 425,000 Americans NOT in the workforce.

We also found out that multiple jobholders- meaning Americans forced to hold 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet- just rose to 8.05 million, the highest of this century.

We also found out that between March of 2010 and today, under Obama, our economy has gained 547,000 low-wage bartender and waiter jobs, while losing 36,000 high-paying manufacturing jobs. 

The economy is a disaster. The GDP for the past 8 years is the worst in the history of America. 94 million working age Americans aren’t working. More than 100 million Americans are on welfare checks. More Americans have joined the food stamp rolls under Obama than have joined the job rolls. More businesses close each day than open, for the first time in the history of America.

And here’s a great one- of the 1 million net jobs created for women in the past decade- all one million went to foreigners. That stat comes from the Labor Department. Don’t blame me, or Trump, or “a vast right wing conspiracy.” That stat is straight from Obama’s Labor Dept. And that same Labor Dept. admits they don’t keep track of who is legal or illegal. All they know is every net job for women went to “foreigners.”

That means almost every net job in America for women went to illegals for the past decade.

Or do you think our country is bursting at the seams with legal foreigners from Austria and Canada and New Zealand? Have you met any foreigners from Iceland? I haven’t.

So now we know this entire economy is built just for low-wage jobs for illegal aliens. Great news!

Now we have the final coup de grace. Taco Bell just announced this morning…in the midst of another awful jobs report…that it is expanding. Taco Bell is the one company hiring. Everyone else is laying off, or standing pat.

Even high tech companies in Silicon Valley have announced massive layoffs in recent weeks. Even famous names like Twitter are laying off a large percent of the workforce. No job options there.

But good ‘ole Taco Bell is ready to hire you. Happy days are here again.

College costs $100,000 to $250,000 for four years. Grad school adds another $100,000-plus. And after six or seven years of hard work and an investment of your parent’s life savings, and massive debt that you’ll never pay back in your lifetime, you’re now almost 30 years old and your choices are:

Taco Bell, or your parent’s basement.

Or didn’t you know more young adults are living in their parent’s basement than at any time since the Great Depression?

Or that student loan debt is the highest in history?

Or that one third of students aren’t making any payments (meaning they are in default)?

So you can sit at home, live in a basement, and legally smoke pot in many states, in order to forget how broke you are…Or take a job for minimum wage at Taco Bell.

Because it has become painfully clear under the Democrat Party of Obama and Hillary, those are your only choices.

That’s been my argument for eight long years. The massive tax/massive regulations/massive welfare state/”Obamacare for everyone” policies of Obama, Hillary and the Democrat Party have created a nation of low wage, minimum wage, no benefit jobs.

Yes, Obama has created jobs. They are cleaning toilets, washing dishes, mowing lawns, or slinging burgers.

It’s an entire economy for illegal aliens with no education or skills. These jobs are so pathetic, you don’t even need to know English to take them.

So the choice is clear. If you like the choices you have right now…and you want to work at Taco Bell…

Vote for Hillary.