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Is Gates wrong on the aircraft gap?

He appears to be wrong to the same degree that 5th generation stealth fighters are not defensive. Secretary Gates, who in July 2009, predicted that, “nearly 1,100 [combat aircraft in the U.S. Air Force] will be the most advanced fifth-generation

Clinton to Iran: 'Have Your Yellow-Cake and Eat it Too…'

An October 26th headline of BBC Persian read, “آ …ریکا: …ساله …ا نیروگاه بوشهر نیست” This translates to “America: The Bushehr plant is not our problem.” Now the headlines on the BBC English site were much less harsh than that,

Who's Watching Chinese Proliferation? Not This Administration

News reports indicating that the Chinese are heavily involving themselves in the business of India and Pakistan have become overwhelming during this administration. Obama’s commitment to India is clearly weaker than his predecessor’s, who in his White House was known

Brown Gives LA's Iranian-American Community The Finger

Brother, can you spare $26,000? Some of Jerry Brown’s friends sure can, but the endorsement of Jodie Evans (of the vehemently anti-American Code Pink) should be a giant wake-up call to the Los Angeles Iranian-American community. To the hundreds of