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Satire is the Highest Form of Dissent?

Though Thomas Jefferson never said, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism,” the well-applied use of satire is certainly one of the highest forms of dissent. Jonathan Swift, after all, is more remembered for his grim irony in castigating the

Aren't You A Little Old To Watch Cartoons?

…Why, yes. Yes I am! But considering the plethora of culturally and politically “controversial” (read: “contrived to be offensive for promotional notoriety”) ‘toons currently offered up for consumption like a plate of live centipedes in Interzone, the silly stuff is

Do The Warhol–Part 4: The Manhattan Project of the Culture War

When preaching to the choir, one directs one’s lessons to those who already agree. Conversely, those who otherwise might listen and gain something useful get nothing. More on that as this inter-connected series of observations comes to an end. Vast,

Do The Warhol–Part 1: The Business of Vision

A dance craze– like “freaking“– it is not, but rather, a point of view. Back in January of this year, Andrew Breitbart announced “Big Hollywood’s modest objective: to change the entertainment industry“. The announcement is as important as it is

Iran Is Not Film School

Okay Class, stop sniffing your Sharpies in a futile attempt to reach a state of intoxication and try to take notes using that writing instrument and what brain cells you have left. Remember, if you can, that information you believe

Whoopi Goldberg and the Separate Reality

Good day, Class. Some of you have asked what schedule of course work is required to become a Doctor of Separate Reality. Please understand that this is not a PhD, though like many degrees of that type in many fields,

Seeing Voices, Hearing Faces

Okay Class, today’s Lecture is on “Text and Subtext”, that is to say, for those of you who managed to make “A”s in all your Language Arts classes without actually learning anything of value, the lecture is about Stated and

Rock Is Still Dead

It used to take decades and even centuries of cultural transmission by storytelling, theater, ballad, and a general diffusion of knowledge by processes unknown to bring myth and legend into being. That may be another way of saying that people