Gov. Scott Walker Pumps Up RNC, Gets Standing O

Gov. Scott Walker Pumps Up RNC, Gets Standing O

Gov. Scott Walker took to the stage of the Republican National Convention tonight in Tampa to a spectacular standing ovation, the crowd applause so loud that it completely drowned him out at times. Walker, of course, is the governor who passed revolutionary legislation breaking the most powerful Wisconsin public sector unions, and bringing the state’s budget back into line with reasonable future projections.

“On June 5th, voters in Wisconsin were asked to choose between going backwards to the days of double-digit tax increases, billion dollar budget deficits and record job losses,” said Walker, “or moving forward with reforms that lowered the tax burden, balanced the budget and helped small businesses create more jobs.”

He, like the other speakers tonight, focused on President Obama’s infamous statement that businessmen and businesswomen across America weren’t responsible for the success of their businesses. He focused on Sandy Breth, who works at G3 Industries in Mosinee, Wisconsin. And he focused on the businessowner. “Improving the business climate is not only good for small business owners; it’s good for people like Sandy and her family,” Walker stated.

“What makes America amazing is that there have always been men and women of courage who were willing to think more about the future of their children and grandchildren than they did about their own political careers.

“Let this be one of those moments. Let this be our time in history so that someday we can tell our children and grandchildren that we were there, that we changed the course of history for the better.

“Let us tell them that we helped elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to save America,” Walker concluded, to another standing ovation.