Montana Sen. Tester: Obamacare Rollout Not 'Quick Enough'

Montana Sen. Tester: Obamacare Rollout Not 'Quick Enough'

Montana Senator Jon Tester (D) thinks there was only one mistake with Obamacare — that it was not implemented sooner. He also believes Democrats were just getting started with the healthcare bill’s provisions.

During an October 20, 2012 Montana Senate debate, the moderator asked Tester: “Recent polls show that Montanans don’t like Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act as you say, so how can you sell it to Montanans?”

Tester responded by saying if a mistake was made in Obamacare’s passage, it was that it was not implemented sooner:   

Bottom line is that, look: the healthcare bill extends Medicare for 8 years; it allows people that have preexisting conditions to get the healthcare they need.  If a mistake was made it’s that we didn’t implement it quick enough so people could get the competition of the pools and the kind of things that are in the healthcare bill.

Tester then said, “we’ll be talking about healthcare for a long time to come, make no mistake about it,” and noted there “will be changes and tweaks to it as we go, but I think it was a step in the right direction.”