Poll: People Support Taxing Rich, Oppose Spending Cuts

Poll: People Support Taxing Rich, Oppose Spending Cuts

Our country is currently saddled with $86 trillion in unfunded mandates, a $16 trillion deficit, and annual deficits of over $1 trillion. Most of this is the result of pure selfishness at the hands of  a Baby Boom generation under the grotesque impression it’s entitled to a certain standard of living, even though it means stealing from future generations and completely abdicating the responsibility to leave America better than they found it. And a new poll shows this destructive narcissism is only getting worse.

According  tp the Associated Press, not only do a plurality of 48% believe taxes should be raised on those earning more $250,000 or more, but a poll taken in February says that only 56% want to scale back government services (down from 62% the year prior). When you get into the specifics, though, things only look worse: Only 40% want to raise the Medicare eligibility age, and only 30% support slowing the growth of Social Security.

We also know that the news about how these numbers will trend in the future is worse. Unfortunately, we allowed narcissistic Baby Boomers to procreate, and naturally they’re begetting an even more narcissistic brood of offspring. Call them Generation Entitled. A full 59% believe the government needs to do more.

This is an incredible cultural victory for Barack Obama and a media that ensures he can do no wrong. Obama spent more money than the first forty-plus presidents combined, created deficits no one thought possible just a few years ago, and not only won reelection, but has managed to somehow convince more and more people that it’s okay to steal even more money from the private economy and from future generations.

If you want a glimpse into where this is all headed, you need not look east towards Europe; look west towards California. Not only is this once golden state completely broke, the culture is such a mess that every election year, the citizenry keeps doubling and tripling down on failure. In 2012, Democrats won a super-majority in the legislature and, when given a choice in 2010 between a former-governor with a failed record (Jerry Brown) and a savvy businesswoman (Meg Whitman), the people went with the proven failure for their new/old governor.

Americans weren’t always like this. We used to sacrifice, suffer, fight wars, and slog through Depressions. We did this for our country and our children and to honor a time-honored moral obligation to hand a better and more prosperous and peaceful America  to the next generation. That selfless mindset was a very large part of what being an American meant. But all that’s changing now, and it’s heartbreaking.

We’re well on the way to becoming a bunch of selfish spoiled takers satisfied with creating a United States of California, where chronic unemployment, falling wages, increased poverty, and a new normal of economic mediocrity is our legacy — you know, just as long as the guys in charge keep the “free” stuff coming.

This appalling mentality has infected our culture from top to bottom — from those with cable TV, microwaves, and air conditioning that the government declares “poor,” to those disgusting Wall Street, Hollywood, and big business welfare queens constantly on K Street with their greedy, lazy hands out for their own freebies.

Well, it’s not free; nothing’s free. It will not only have to be paid for by people who haven’t yet been born, but the most terrible price is our identity, pride, and self-respect.


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