LAX Shooter Reportedly Targeted Unarmed TSA Agents

LAX Shooter Reportedly Targeted Unarmed TSA Agents

As details continue to emerge on the November 1 shooting at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), one thing is clear–the shooter targeted people who could not shoot back.

According to the LA Times, 23-year-old alleged shooter Paul Anthony Ciancia purposefully “targeted unarmed Transportation Administration (TSA) agents.”

Witnesses said Ciancia cursed the TSA as he walked through the airport terminal. They said he would point his gun at someone and ask if they were with the TSA. He would simply walk to the next person if their answer was “no.”

Because Ciancia was shooting agents who could not shoot back, witnesses say he displayed a calm and methodical demeanor. Witness Vernon Cardenas said: “[Ciancia] moved like he was not being chased.” 

He said watching Ciancia reminded him of watching video of the shooters at Columbine, who “[roamed] around with nowhere to go” because no one was armed to retaliate. 

On November 1, airport police engaged and shot Ciancia after he had killed one TSA agent and wounded others. 

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