Chase Spokesman Insists LGBT Survey Was Anonymous

Chase Spokesman Insists LGBT Survey Was Anonymous

A spokesman for JP Morgan Chase told a reporter for the Daily Signal, a news site published by the Heritage Foundation, that the annual employee survey that included controversial questions about support for the LGBT community was “anonymous.”

If true, then the concerns of employees that their position on the LGBT question could harm their careers is misplaced. However, this assertion flies in the face of multiple inside sources who have told either Breitbart News or Professor Robert George of Princeton that the survey required the inclusion of the employee’s company identification number.

One source, a 24-year employee with Chase, told Professor George this afternoon that “we had to use one employee ID to sign in to the survey.” The original source, an 11-year employee, told Professor George and Breitbart News the same thing. The second source, reported by Breitbart News, also confirmed the survey required the employees to use their company identification to answer the survey.

Daily Signal writer Kelsey Harkness reported that she contacted company spokesperson Jaclyn D’Aversa Monday night and that D’Aversa would not confirm the content of the survey. She insisted, however, that it was “voluntary and anonymous.” Breitbart reported that the survey was voluntary, though completion of the survey was pushed by management.