USCIS Director Assures Illegals Executive Amnesty is Permanent

USCIS Director Assures Illegals Executive Amnesty is Permanent

On Monday, one of President Barack Obama’s top immigration officials assured illegal immigrants that Obama’s executive amnesty will be permanent. 

Addressing an immigration conference in Los Angeles on Monday in Spanish, Leon Rodriguez, who heads U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), told illegal immigrants to “stop worrying” because “in every moment that an American president has created a new immigration program, that program has been respected by other presidents,” according to an Associated Press report.

After enacting his executive amnesty, Obama said that a future president could “theoretically” unravel his executive amnesty but claimed, despite polls that have found that a majority of Americans oppose his unilateral action, the public would not support a reversal. He told a Nashville audience last week that he thought it was “not likely” that a future president will “reverse everything we’ve done” on amnesty. 

Pro-amnesty advocates at the conference said they are trying to find as many illegal aliens as possible to sign up for executive amnesty to make it tougher for Republicans to “take it away.”