Did John McCain And Mitch McConnell Try To Discourage Marco Rubio From Running For President?

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Associated Press

Before Sen. Marco Rubio decided to run for president, members of the Republican establishment spoke to him about the possibility of remaining in the Senate.

A story published by Yahoo News cites two sources who say that Sen. John McCain and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell met with Rubio to attempt to discourage him from running for president.

Both McCain and McConnell aides denied that it was the intent of the meeting.

A McCain aide indicated that the senior Arizona senator only wanted Rubio to keep open the option of running for his Senate seat at the same time as his run for president. Florida law doesn’t allow that option. A McConnell aide said that the Senate Majority Leader spoke with Rubio but “did not tell him not to run for president.”

A source from the Rubio campaign told Breitbart News that the story was “not true” and pointed to the statements from both the McCain and McConnell team in the article.