Dead Drug Dealers Lie In Extravagant Mausoleums

Dario Lopez-Mills/AP/dapd
Dario Lopez-Mills/AP/dapd

Mexican drug dealers really do believe in going out with a bang, a bang for their buck that is.

In the Mexican city of Culiacan, which is considered by many as a breeding ground for many of the ruthless and murderous drug dealers in that area, is a little cemetery called Jardines de Humaya.

This cemetery is not your usual cemetery. Upon entering Jardines de Humaya, nothing seems out of the ordinary, but keep walking past the traditional gravestones, and you will walk right into a sort of Gotham-like skyline of narco-mausoleums.

The final resting place for many of the most prolific and murderous drug dealers from the area is here.

This is truly remarkable.

Narcos spare no expense, even when it comes to their demise. These “narco-mausoleums” are constructed with “air conditioning, wireless internet, state-of-the art sound systems and some with bedrooms for visiting family members.”

Why not, would you expect anything less from these dead outlaws? Fox News Latino writes:

Arturo Beltrán Leyva, the eponymous former head of the Beltrán Leyva cartel, is buried in a $650,000 mausoleum in Jardines de Humaya that looks like it could stand in for a castle on “Game of Thrones.” Turrets and massive crosses adorned the brilliant, white exterior while the interior features WiFi, satellite television, 24-hour-a-day air conditioning, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a burglar alarm.

Known as the “boss of bosses,” Beltrán Leyva was killed in 2009 during a raid by 200 Mexican troops with two tanks and two military helicopters. During his funeral his henchmen learned the name of one of the soldiers who participated in the raid and went on to murder his entire family in an act of revenge.

Beltrán Leyva’s dead body may have some pretty swanky digs in which to rest, but his mausoleum pales in comparison to Arturo Guzmán Loera’s massive grave.

The brother of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, once the richest and most powerful drug trafficker in the world, Arturo was stabbed to death by his lawyer’s bodyguard after he was accused of snitching to the cops.

Snitch or not, when you’re the brother of the most powerful drug boss in the world you aren’t going to have your dead body just dumped in a ditch. Instead Chapo shelled out a reported $1.2 million to build his brother’s final resting site.

Resembling an entire suburban street, Guzmán’s burial complex features five separate buildings, one for each of the Guzmán brothers (Chapo is the only one still alive). All five of the buildings have air conditioning, 24-hour surveillance, two stories and en-suite bedrooms for family members.

“El Chapo” managed to escape from Altiplano Federal Prison in Mexico on Saturday night, and a manhunt is currently underway.