Louie Gohmert Hammers ‘Utterly Despicable’ Planned Parenthood Body Tissue Negotiations

Planned Parenthood
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Planned Parenthood’s leaders must be held to account for the practices exposed in recent undercover videos, according to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

“The surfacing of a second abhorrent Planned Parenthood video makes it more than apparent this federally funded organization has more than one isolated individual heartlessly calculating profit from dismembering unborn babies in such a way that more money can be made,” Gohmert said, following the release of a second Center for Medical Progress undercover video.

“These videos make it clear to any but the most calloused that the negotiation is not about ‘tissue’ but about uncrushed baby body parts. This is clearly about profit from trafficking in dismembered baby organs –which is illegal,” Gohmert added.

Tuesday’s video release features a top Planned Parenthood official negotiating prices for body tissue, and joking about buying a Lamborghini. Gohmert said:

It is also abundantly clear that these high level leaders in Planned Parenthood are concerned about preserving organs and parts of an unborn child with no thought at all for the pain and suffering of the child whose parts they are crushing as they pull off limbs and other parts as they extract the child.  Planned Parenthood needs to be held accountable for the grotesque actions of its leaders.

Since last week’s video release, Congress has opened an investigation into the matter.

Gohmert concluded his statement, reiterating his disgust at the video.

“It is utterly despicable that an executive at Planned Parenthood would cruelly joke about the remains of precious lives by haggling over their body parts using terms such as – ‘lowball’ and her desire for a ‘Lamborghini,’” he said.

“These are human lives – not specimens; and this group should be called out for what it’s doing – the hideous collecting of revenue for the babies they destroy for their sellable parts. That is not only abominable; it is criminal. If America does not wake up soon to its decadence, we will go beyond the point of being salvageable as a society,” Gohmert added.