Seattle: Another Democrat-Governed City with a Gun-Crime Epidemic

Seattle, WA

On July 24, The Seattle Times ran a column highlighting the surging gun violence in Seattle and suggested the sound of gunfire has become so commonplace in the city that it is now considered “mere background noise.”

According to The Seattle Times, there were “227 shootings so far this year in the city, through Monday, July 20.” That represents a “24 percent” increase over 2014 and a “40 percent” increase over 2013.

Police indicate “they get so many shots-fired calls that they don’t even report most of them on their public-outreach site.” Some of the victims of the shootings have been innocent bystanders sitting in their cars at intersections, while numerous others have simply been pedestrians.

The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports that a mom driving three kids home from Fourth of July fireworks was on Massachusetts heading toward I-90 when she pulled over to call a friend who had been following her but had taken a wrong turn. As she talked on the phone “someone from a group of people celebrating the 4th across the street starting shooting at her car.”

Her car was “peppered by bullets.”

And right now, The Seattle Times reports there is a “serial shooter with a Nazi gun… on the loose” in the city. His gun has been linked to “seven shootings this summer, including three of the five involving bystanders.”

It is interesting to note that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is a Democrat, and according to, the four mayors before Murray—starting in 1990—were all Democrat too. On July 9, Breitbart News reported on five other cities—Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, New Orleans, and St. Louis—which Democrats have controlled for decades and which are also facing soaring levels of gun crime.

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