New Jersey Woman’s Obituary Asks People Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Runnemede, NJ

A woman from New Jersey revealed in her obituary that friends and family could hang onto their flowers. Instead, the deceased woman asked that in lieu of the buds she’d rather everyone refrain from voting for Hillary Clinton.

The family of Elaine Fydrych, who passed away on August 13 at the age of 63, said that the deceased was not an overly political woman. In fact, they say she was a registered Democrat.

But family members said that Hillary’s failure to help those four Americans who were murdered during the attacks in Benghazi angered her enough to cause her to turn against the now former Secretary of State.

“The more she found out about Hillary, the more she didn’t like her and thought it would be a complete catastrophe if the U.S. elected her president,” her husband told the media after the story broke nationwide.

So, after a discussion with her family, the woman requested that the last line of her obituary read: “Elaine requests, In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Elaine’s husband notes that anyone who knew his wife would laugh and say, “That’s Elaine.”

“Elaine was a very beautiful woman inside and out. She was very talented, and she did a lot of comedy, and always had a line, a wisecrack,” husband Joseph said.

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