Huckabee Exaults: Judge Releases Kim Davis from Jail Before Rally

Coleman Colston of Henry County, Ky., joins in the protest in support of jailed Rowan county cerk Kim Davis at the Carter County Detention Center in Grayson, Ky., Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. After five days behind bars, Davis was ordered released from jail Tuesday by the judge who locked her …
Timothy D. Easley/AP Photo
Washington, DC

GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee escorted Kentucky Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis from jail after she was released Tuesday, before Huckabee’s rally that had been scheduled to support Davis and protest her imprisonment.

He reacted to Davis’s release saying he is “appalled” at the government’s “willingness to accommodate the religious beliefs of all religions, but Christianity.”

Huckabee met with Davis in the jail, then escorted her out after her release was ordered.

“Today I was proud to stand with Kim Davis as she was released from Jail. Kim Davis should have never been locked-up for being a Christian and for following her conscience and the law,” said Huckabee. “I am appalled at our government’s willingness to accommodate the religious beliefs of all religions, but Christianity. Kim Davis sitting behind bars in an orange jumpsuit for six days leaves no doubt about the criminalization of Christianity in America.

Huckabee continued, “I refuse to sit silently as our Constitution is torched and the courts violate our fundamental rights. We did not fight a revolution against the tyranny of one unelected monarch so we could surrender our freedoms and abandon our Constitution to be tyranny of five unaccountable, unelected lawyers.”

Huckabee vowed that if elected President of the United States he would protect religious liberty.