Citizens United President: Boehner ‘Saw the Writing on the Wall’

Washington, DC

Citizens United President David Bossie tells Breitbart News he thinks House Speaker John Boehner “saw the writing on the wall” and “that he did not have the votes to sustain a vacate the chair motion.” Bossie was referring to the looming measure put forth by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) to remove Boehner from his leadership position, which was offered, but put on pause due to the August recess.

“John Boehner has served admirably in the House of Representatives for 25 years or more and has been a pivotal person serving from the time of Newt Gingrich’s revolution until today. I believe that he saw the writing on the wall,” Bossie told Breitbart News in an interview after the news broke Friday morning that Boehner (R-OH) will resign from Congress at the end of October.

Bossie said, “[As Boehner’s] last act…he decided the best thing to do for the conference and the Congress was to resign his Speakership.”

Breitbart News asked Bossie if he knew whether or not the decision was made because of the conservative push to defund Planned Parenthood in the budget, which is due at the end of the month.

“I think the Planned Parenthood defund issue is one of many issues that John Boehner is staring at as far as his legislative agenda,” he answered.

Bossie warned that this move by Boehner could be a bad sign on the efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

“What this means to me, [is] that John Beohner may be making some bad deals over defunding Planned Parenthood over a CR that may bust budget caps and therefore, he is going to pass these bills with Democrat votes.”

Bossie added it’s too early to tell, but it is certain that, “he wasn’t willing to stand up and draw a line in the sand with a positive conservative agenda” that Republicans demanded.

“Citizens United led the way with dozens and dozens of meetings and phone calls directly with conservative members of the conference, telling them what Citizen United members believe was – that John Boehner needed to go.”

He said he knew “that he did not have the votes to sustain a vacate the chair motion,” adding that he’s proud of his organization’s efforts in helping Meadow’s and conservative leaders in the House of Representatives make this change happen.