Nikki Haley Criticizes Marco Rubio On Amnesty; Jeb Bush On Common Core


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley says that Donald Trump isn’t the only presidential candidate that she has differences with.

In an interview with CNN, Haley said that she disagreed with Jeb Bush on Common Core and didn’t agree with Marco Rubio for supporting amnesty.

“When I see something wrong, I say it,” she said. “Jeb Bush passed Common Core. Marco Rubio believes in amnesty, which I don’t,” she said.

She said that Rubio, Bush, and Christie contacted her after the speech to share their support for her message.

When asked if Ted Cruz was one of the “angry voices” in politics that she was talking about in her State of the Union address, she denied it.

She added that Donald Trump was a “friend” and that he shouldn’t take her criticism personally.

Haley also responded to critics of her response to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

“Look I can appreciate they’re angry. I said what I believe. I stand by what I believe,” she said. “My speech last night was not to win over anyone. I understand when I hit Republicans and Democrats that I was going to upset people.”

Haley said she was allowed by Republican leaders to say what she wanted to the country, and that they did not interfere with what she wanted to say.

“It was my speech, they let me write it,” she said.