Team Jeb: Ted Cruz An Unethical Person

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On Fox News this morning,  former New Hampshire governor Judd Gregg, a campaign surrogate for  Jeb Bush, accused Ted Cruz of being an unethical person.

During an interview, Fox host Martha MacCallum asked Gregg about the possibilities of Cruz tapping into the evangelical vote in New Hampshire.

“Well there are a lot of people in this state who are seriously religious, there’s no question about that but they’re not going with Cruz in my opinion,” Gregg said. “I mean he’s an unethical individual. To have him lead our party would be a disaster.”

Gregg didn’t specify why Cruz was unethical, but said that voters should not be fooled by the Texas Senator’s rhetoric about his faith.

“He may be fooling some folks, but I think most people are seeing him for what he is, which is a person who doesn’t have any ethics,” Gregg said. “He’s not trustworthy.”

Gregg admitted that Bush had a slow start, but said that he was doing well at the right time. He predicted that Trump would likely win New Hampshire, but suggested that he might not win by a big enough margin to impress the rest of the country.