Texas Realtor’s Online Ad Reaches Out to #NeverTrump Movement

Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg
Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

Odessa, Texas, realtor Michelle Blackwell posted an online advertisement seeking to appeal to #NeverTrump supporters, those who have pledged to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected President of the United States.

“Leaving the country if TRUMP is elected PRESIDENT? Give me a call and LET’S GET YOUR HOME SOLD!!” Blackwell wrote in the now-deleted ad.

Blackwell posted the ad to her business Facebook account late Monday, and the feedback from potential clients was mixed.

“By that night it was crazy and going viral,” she said, according to the Houston Chronicle. 

Blackwell told her local news station that the reaction to the ad has been “surreal,” adding that her phone has been ringing off the hook since the post went up earlier in the week.

She insisted that the ad was not meant to offend and that she was simply trying to create some real estate business for herself.

So far, no #NeverTrump clients looking to sell their home have reached out to Blackwell.

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