Homeowner Takes Gun from Alleged Intruders, Shoots and Kills One

Home Intruders Pike County Sheriff's Office
Pike County Sheriff's Office

On May 12 a homeowner in Pike County, Alabama, wrestled a gun away from one of three alleged home intruders, then shot and killed one.

The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m.

According to AL.com, the homeowner awoke to a knock on the front door. When he opened the door to investigate, “Three men forced their way inside,” he said. One of the three was allegedly armed, and the homeowner wrestled the gun from his hand, then opened fire.

The suspects fled, but Lt. Troy Johnson said one individual–21-year-old Javonte King–was discovered “lying in a pool of blood about  200 yards away.” He was pronounced dead.

The other two suspects–23-year-old Anthony Jerome Starks and 20-year-old Davaris Mendenhall–were soon captured and placed under arrest. Both have now been charged with “first degree robbery.”

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