The Dealmakers: Donald Trump Meets with Six Senate Democrats

Trump Meets Leaders AP

President Donald Trump met with a select group of Senate Democrats who appeared willing to work with the president, despite many of their colleagues doing everything possible to obstruct the president’s agenda.

White House aides described the meeting as a “listening session” on the Supreme Court, but as the press was allowed in to snap pictures of senators sitting with the president, it was clear that Trump would rely on them in the future to help him cut deals in the Senate.

Seven Democrat Senators attended the meeting; West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp, Montana’s Jon Tester, Deleware’s Chris Coons, Indiana’s Joe Donnelly, and Colorado’s Michael Bennet.

Trump spoke with reporters at the White House, explaining that he felt confident in Gorsuch as his Supreme Court choice and remarked that Democrats respected him as well as Republicans.

“A lot of people are liking him very much on the other side,” Trump said but added that some Democrats would vote against him for political reasons. “I have a lot of friends on the other side too,” he added.