Why Isn't Anonymous Hollywood Whistleblower Calling the Cops?

Why Isn't Anonymous Hollywood Whistleblower Calling the Cops?

Wild rumors are the coin of the realm in Hollywood, and that was before the Internet allowed the craziest notion to spread across the globe in an instant.

The latest Tinsel Town buzz suggests Robert Downey Jr. is leaking bits of information about the industry’s very dark underbelly. And it seems people are far more concerned with the leaker’s identity than the fact that some horrible crimes are being committed within the movie-making community.

The site Jezebel.com dug into some blind posts written on the gossip site crazydaysandnights.net (which is down as of 4:50 p.m. EST) and found some remarkable similarities to entries written by “Himmmm” and the “Iron Man” star:

Now the general consensus is that Himmmm is Robert Downey Jr., mostly because of things that Himmmm revealed about himmmmself, namely that he was once a mess and nearly destroyed his own Hollywood career but has gotten back on track since getting sober. Additionally, Himmmm will occasionally give a wink to everyone by confirming or denying blind items specifically about RDJ:

Believe what you want, but why isn’t Downey, or whoever is revealing what actually goes on in Hollywood, contacting the police regarding these matters? These blog postings might make for titillating reading material, but if the information checks out the authorities should be involved ASAP.

And why aren’t the blogs salivating over this gossip equally angry about what might be happening under the cover of the glitzy, glamorous entertainment industry? Where’s the outrage?