'Red Dawn' Remake Coming in November

'Red Dawn' Remake Coming in November

Movie fans can opt for wolverine instead of turkey this Thanksgiving.

“Red Dawn,” the oft-delayed remake of the 1984 invasion film, will finally hit theaters Nov. 21. The remake’s trip to the big screen has been a traumatic one. First, the film had to escape the bankruptcy of its studio, MGM. Later, the villains in the piece were changed from Chinese to North Korean for financial purposes. Seems movie studios aren’t keen on depicting a country becoming more essential to their bottom lines as the bad guys.

The original “Dawn” is considered a patriotic call to arms, the kind of film that unabashedly embraced America and the country’s fighting spirit. The remake, shot in 2009, stars a pair of formerly unknown actors now associated with blockbuster films – Chris Hemsworth of “Avengers” and “Thor” fame and “The Hunger Games'” Josh Hutcherson.

The new film is set in an unnamed city in Washington where a group of high school students fight back against an invading army. And once more, the students will find inspiration from their school mascot, the wolverine.