'Glee' Creator's 'Normal' Gets OK

'Glee' Creator's 'Normal' Gets OK

Ryan Murphy’s “Glee” routinely injects gay rights issues into its story lines even though the show is essentially about a singing and dancing high school troupe. It’s a core part of the show’s overall approach.

Murphy’s newest project cuts right to the chase regarding the issue of gay parenting, and it just got the go ahead from NBC:

The network has greenlit The New Normal, described as a “heartwarming comedy about a blended family of a gay couple and the woman who becomes a surrogate to help them have children.” The show is created by Murphy and fellow Glee producer Allison Adler. Justin Bartha, Bebe Wood, Ellen Barkin and Jayson Blair star in the show.

Murphy’s resume is chockablock with hits, from “Nip/Tuck” to “American Horror Story” and “Popular.” His big-screen adaptation of “Running with Scissors,” however, was a sizable dud.