Edwards Sought Damage Control Tips from … Sean Penn

Edwards Sought Damage Control Tips from … Sean Penn

The seedy behavior that’s come to light regarding former Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards already makes him a terrible fit for higher office.

Now, we’re learning his public relations instincts were equally uninspired.

One new allegation emerging from Edwards’ current trial on charges of campaign corruption is that the disgraced politician reached out to a trio of Hollywood celebrities for help in dealing with his extramarital affair.

Edwards sought out Paul Haggis, the director of “Crash,” Madeleine Stowe, the female lead in “Stakeout,” and a man with a less than courteous relationship with the press, Sean Penn. This is the same Penn who made a name for himself earlier in his career by punching paparazzi.

Makes one wonder who Edwards decided not to consult on the matter at the very last minute.