IFC Sitcom Lumps Cheney in with Hitler, Stalin

IFC Sitcom Lumps Cheney in with Hitler, Stalin

The creator of the underrated ’80s sitcom “Sledge Hammer!” is back with a show that’s got its own network nervous.

Alan Spencer’s “Bullet in the Face,” set to bow in August on IFC, promises to push, tug and pull every envelope on cable television, according to Screen Rant. The site says the upcoming comedy will include beheadings, a psychopath turned police officer and other unsavory elements.

It also appears as if the show has a political agenda to go with the assorted on-screen depravities.

IFC is apparently concerned that the use of a crucifix as a backscratcher and dialogue grouping Dick Cheney in with the likes of Hitler and Stalin will be misconstrued as something more than an attempt at some very dark, inappropriate humor.

Now, why would anyone think that?

Expect plenty of free publicity for the new series, but “Bullet in the Face” hardly sounds groundbreaking considering the political targets chosen.