Koch Counterpunch: Brothers Call 'Campaign' Star's Attack 'Laughable'

Koch Counterpunch: Brothers Call 'Campaign' Star's Attack 'Laughable'

“The Campaign” star Zach Galifianakis is calling out billionaire Republican donors the Koch brothers.

That puts the comic actor in lockstep with most liberal-minded folks eager to demonize successful businessmen who dare to put their money with their mouths are, politically speaking.

But Charles and David Koch aren’t keeping quiet while the “Hangover” star blasts them.

Galifianakis, whose new movie slams two very Koch-like Republican donors, called the duo “creepy” and ‘It’s not freedom what they are doing.”

The brothers have answered the actor’s charge.

“Last we checked, the movie is a comedy. Maybe more to the point is that it’s laughable to take political guidance or moral instruction from a guy who makes obscene gestures with a monkey on a bus in Bangkok … His comments, which appear to be based on false attacks made by our political opponents, demonstrate a lack of understanding of our longstanding support of individual freedom, freedom of expression, and constitutional rights.”