Morgan Freeman: God Didn't Create the Universe

Morgan Freeman: God Didn't Create the Universe

Morgan Freeman supplies narration to so many projects it’s easy to glibly imagine him as the voice of God. The fact that he played God in two big-screen comedies–Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty–doesn’t hurt.

Now, Freeman is weighing in on life beyond earth, the creation of the universe and other weighty matters, and it’s clear he doesn’t see God in the big picture. Morgan is promoting the Science Fiction channel’s Through the Wormhole program, and he expounded on his views with The Huffington Post.

Was there a particular purpose in including “intelligent design” in the episode? You can’t go on any show and say, “I can say what I believe but I can’t say what is.” I don’t know what is. We want to present both sides of any–because it is all predicated on faith. It is what you believe. And on this show we want to accept all ideas and be inclusive.

So you don’t believe that a “creator” is responsible for life? Now, you are talking to Morgan Freeman, actor. You are not talking to Morgan Freeman, scientist, or Morgan Freeman, theologian, or any of that, OK? Well, I really don’t think there is an entity involved in the creation of the universe.