Trailer Talk: 'Years of Living Dangerously' Doc Takes Partisan Shots

Trailer Talk: 'Years of Living Dangerously' Doc Takes Partisan Shots

You’d think a multi-part documentary on climate change would do all it could to rally audiences to its cause no matter their political affiliation.

Watching the first trailer for Years of Living Dangerously, a climate change fear project from Avatar director James Cameron, suggests it wallows in partisan sniping and incomplete data.

The upcoming Showtime series ramps up the celebrity factor to make its point about global warming affecting us all. Matt Damon. Jessica Alba. Don Cheadle. Arnold Schwarzenegger. They’re all part of the celebrity machine which told us President Barack Obama would deliver on his health care promises, heal the partisan divide and make good on his efforts to bring the economy roaring back.

The focus, Cameron says, is on people, and perhaps that’s a good thing considering global warming has essentially stabilized over the past 15 years despite the doom and gloom scenarios from the best and brightest scientific minds on the subject.

The trailer mocks a politician saying that global warming ended in 1998 and recycles stories of shrinking arctic ice and increasing storm systems. Will it also decry the celebrity lifestyles which burn carbon aplenty, or the stars whose hypocrisy on global warming burns brightly--like Cameron himself?

Years of Living Dangerously debuts April 2014 on Showtime.