'Almost Sunrise' Doc Aims to Heal Veterans, Honor Their Sacrifices

'Almost Sunrise' Doc Aims to Heal Veterans, Honor Their Sacrifices

The new documentary Almost Sunrise takes care to honor the sacrifices of the men and women who fight for our freedom while trying to heal the soldiers’ enduring mental scars.

A Kickstarter.com campaign for the project, which wraps June 10, wants to help military members still coming to grips with their experiences.

The documentary follows two Iraq war veterans who go on a 2,700 mile walk across the country to deal with their lingering issues. Along the way, they meet with fellow veterans, learn about meditation practices proving to be effective in fighting depression and learn their sacrifices haven’t been forgotten by their fellow citizens. Their story is fused to the bigger picture for combat veterans–high suicide rates.

Director Michael Collins comes from a family of U.S. military veterans and shared this note about the project:

Spending this past year meeting so many people who have served and lost loved ones has really opened my eyes, and my heart, in ways that I will be forever grateful for. It has me thinking: How can we honor their tremendous sacrifices in our daily lives? How can we share the burden of their loss? How can we help prevent unnecessary causalities?

….For me, as a filmmaker, I am committed to creating a film in the spirit of healing, bringing us together towards solutions. I will honor the sacrifices made by giving audiences a chance to walk in someone else’s shoes, to help us all better understand what is lost in these conflicts and how it affects us all. And most importantly, I will shine a spotlight on those who have found a way forward, towards healing and hope, despite unimaginable loss.